Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So It Begins...

We got weighed and measured yesterday at the gym.  It was absolutely mortifying for me and Matt was embarrassed to find he's gained 8 lbs since he lost his job in March.  There's something about feeling like you've hit rock bottom that makes your heart shout, "WAIT! I'm not finished yet!"  I think it's God telling us not to give up, and to have faith.  Keep trying, no matter how many times you fail.  So here we are...not giving up, having faith, and trying.  When you get to be in your 40s, you've no doubt tried many diets and types of exercise over the years. For us as a married couple (10 years), we've tried Atkins (successful, but not long-term realistic), an elliptical that set us back $1K, Weight Watchers, Diabetic diet, and finally, for me--lap band surgery and a personal trainer.  None have been very long term solutions, save maybe for the personal trainer, which would be great if I had a million dollars a year to spend on him.  We are trying to find a balance for the rest of our lives that lets us work within our own set of flexible rules, enjoying without overdoing, and incorporating some form of physical activity for at least one hour, three times a week.  When we went to the gym (Lifetime Fitness at the Rim) yesterday, we signed up for the 90 day challenge, got measured for fat and weight (ugh) and here are our completely humiliating results:

Polly--height 5'10" weight: 262  BFP (body fat percentage) 43%
Matt--height 5'8" weight: 248  BFP: 36%

I am almost half fat.  There's reality for you. I am made up of 43% fat fat fat fat.  It nearly made me cry.  I think Matt went into a semi-state of shock when he saw his weight.

When we finished induction on Atkins in 2004, I was down to 236 and Matt was 199.  So you can see, I've never been "svelte", but I was a size 18, and a 1x.  I felt pretty good, actually, and at 5'10" I think I looked okay.  Matt was down to a 36 waist and large shirts.  We still have some of our clothes in our closet from those days.  Can't seem to let that go, you know what I mean?

We signed up late for the challenge by a few days, so technically, we are starting on:

Day 3...

Breakfast: Protein shake for Polly & 1 cup of coffee
2 fried eggs, 1 strip bacon, 1 piece of buttered toast, small bunch of grapes for Matt, 2 cups of coffee

We are supposed to walk a 5K tonight--ohmigoodness!  6PM.  Pray for us!  I will post pics tomorrow!



  1. Polly! You have a blog! Yay! I just started back to trying to watch what I eat. You know, I've been dieting since I was 135 pounds and started way back in the day (2002) with Atkins. Over the last 10 years (and two pregnancies) I've gained 75 pounds! Just yesterday I finally decided to try and do this whole weightloss thing "my way." Just trying to make good decisions every day, watch my portions, and work in some exercise. I don't expect to lose tons of weight this way, but I figure that it is a good place to start, and perhaps get my waistline moving in the right direction again.

    Best of luck to you and Matt - you are so brave to post your weight outside of a weightloss forum :)

    1. I figured I needed to get our weights out there front and center. I'm tired of being embarrassed about it. I think my shame that was associated with my weight has been one of the things that has kept me fat and down about myself.

  2. Also, have you given any though to Paleo? As far as diets go, it is the best I've ever been on. Check out: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/category/success-story-summaries/#axzz22uYUUjrC

    and http://robbwolf.com/paleo-testimonials/

    Good luck!

  3. Well, I like to think my goal in my life for eating is really maintaining a balance of healthful meals using foods that are close to what nature intended as possible. I am not really convinced that any one plan is the way to go. I'm thinking if I can get my caloric deficit in order and stick with good foods, I'll end up losing weight. I don't want to raise my expectations too high, KWIM? lol.