Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Did We Make the 5K?


Why?   Well, to be perfectly were LATE.  Very late.  And I have to be honest here, I was glad.  I didn't intend to be late, but once we got the girls in the car and we were on our way, in evening traffic, well...we showed up 10 minutes late and our group of walkers/runners were gone.

I got in the locker room and was both angry with myself and relieved at the same time.  I was mad because I was late--I hate being late.  Hate it!  However, I was relieved because I was very worried we were not going to be able to finish. A 5K on a flat surface in 85*F would be a challenge enough for each of us, but it was 102*F, with the sun beating down, and that part of San Antonio is very hilly.  I was concerned about both of us.  It was a battle in my mind, but ultimately, it was resolved, because Matt and I decided to go upstairs and see how far we could get on the treadmills!  We got up there and jumped on.  Matt stopped after a mile at 3.0 mph (20 minutes) to use the weights, and I stayed on and did 2 miles at 3.0 mph with a 6 on the incline; it took me 43 minutes.  I might have been able to do 3, but I didn't want to push it, and I knew it had been a long time since I walked or ran.  I have to tell you though, I felt really good.  I almost wanted to start running but I didn't dare.  The treadmill I was on was very bouncy and the gym was far too busy for me to change treadmills!  Tuesday nights are the pits there. I like weekday mornings MUCH better!  My legs felt like Jell-O when I got off the treadmill, so I know I did a good job.  Jell-O is good. lol.

I ended up going to the grocery store last night to get a few things.  I bought kale to make kale chips; kale is supposed to be a kick-butt superfood, so I'm going to try it. I also bought my beloved plain yogurt.  Got some raspberries and blackberries, dark red cherries, and a cedar plank for the salmon I'm about to defrost to eat tonight.  I wish my kids would eat what we do; it would make life SO much easier.  Well, Paige actually will eat most of what we do, but I doubt I can get her to eat salmon.  Phoebe has autism and is a VERY picky eater, mostly because of textures and sensory issues. That's a whole other post for a whole other time... :-)  The goal with my grocery shopping is fairly easy:

The less processed, the better
Avoid HFCS products and any GMO produce
Avoid gluten-heavy products (breads, rolls, tortillas, cookies, donuts, etc)
Spend more time in the produce section than any other section of the store
Choose produce from all color groups: Purples/Blues, Reds/Oranges, Yellows/Greens
Fish must be wild-caught and preferrably from the US or Canada
Beef is great, but preferably grass-fed
Chicken and pork: avoid soy-fed poultry and pigs (practically impossible. *sigh*)
Eggs should be free-range at least...vegetarian is subjective (soy)

You may be wondering what the deal is with soy...despite it being touted as a superfood, for me it is not.  I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and soy is a big no-no for me.

As I have Hashimoto's, gluten intolerance can be a problem.  I have not had an upper GI to definitively diagnose celiac disease, but have had bloodwork that does not show I have it, even though that is not really a reliable tool.  In any case, I am trying to avoid gluten products.  Matt always does better when he avoids flour-laden foods.  Both of our inflammatory tests were elevated to show high retention of water; of course this was done right after our two-week vacation. LOL.  We're both puffy, fat, and entirely unhealthy.  And now we are working to change it, but we are working to change it on our own terms; our own realistic goals that will ensure a solid lifestyle change.

Prayers are, as always, appreciated and needed.  We can't do any of this the right way without the Lord's guidance.


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